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BETWEEN Operator in sql

BETWEEN Operator BETWEEN operator is used to select data that is within a range of values. It allows the selection of rows that contain values within a specified lower and upper limit. It can be used in where clause with a SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE statement. Syntax: SELECT column1, column2,….,

Character Functions in sql

Character Functions T-SQL supports many built-in functions. Concatenation T-SQL supports two ways to concatenate strings. one with the CONCAT function and another with the plus (+) operator. Example: select CONCAT('abc', 'xyz'); Output: abcxyz Example: select LEFT('abcxyz',2) + RIGHT('abcxyz',2); Output: abyz   Substring extraction and position                                T-SQL supports built-in functions like SUBSTRING, LEFT,

SQL Server Functions in sql

SQL Server Functions T-SQL supports many built-in functions. Scalar function returns a single value. Table-valued function returns a table result.  Conversion functions SQL supports number of functions that can convert a source expression to a target data type. SQL Server conversion functions are CAST and CONVERT. CAST: It converts an expression from one